Monday, November 9, 2009

One look back - Then moving on

I was going to disect the Bama game and look in detail at all the good and bad stuff I found. But what would that accomplish, really? Bama has a very fine defense and some very good offensive players and a great head coach. Not much else to say. And I'm not going to talk anymore about the interception call because no one with half a brain disputes that it was a significantly poor call in a huge game that was still competitive.

It's not Bama's fault that they were handed a huge gift by thr replay official.

So I'm moving on. Let's talk about the future.

It's critical that the Tigers retain composure and stay motivated to win. Because a great bowl berth against a quality opponent is very important to next year's season. The freshmen and sophomores need that experience. And recruiting needs another Top 10 finish.

The next game against LA Tech will be critical and it won't be automatic. I don't know the injury situation yet (working too hard) but I hope JJ is back for LA Tech. I think we can win with Lee, but JJ needs another start and maybe another big throwing game.

Ole Miss no longer concern me as much as they did in the early season, but they are very capable of upsetting the Tigers.

So focus and a new set of goals are critical to the rest of the season.

I mean, let's face it. I called this a 2 loss season at best anyway. So I hope the team agrees that 11-2 is a fantastic record. And wouldn't it be great to have LSU spank Boise State in a bowl game? Personally, I hope that's who LSU plays.

But we're not there yet. What was the word? Oh yeah.



  1. I haven't taken my vavanse for my ADD issues yet this morning, so it is extremely hard to FOCUS.

    I agree that we can get some value out of the rest of the season if they keep on trying to improve. It will benefit us next year the more they try to improve.

  2. LSU is a great team this year, what do you mean "just get some value out of the rest of the season"?

    LSU didn't even drop in the rankings and I believe went up one spot in the BCS poll because they hung in there with Alabama and fought their hearts out even with all the injuries.

    LSU can still end up 10-2 for the regular season, ranked in the top five and heading to a outstanding bowl.Remember Alabama was lucky to beat Tennessee and unless Alabama keeps in mind that Miss. State only lost to LSU but by four points, they could be in for a big upset in Starkville.

    Your team is far from average.

    Roll Tide!

  3. I have no idea where you got your quote. I certainly didn't say that.

    Bama showed up to the Sugar Bowl and got beat by a good, but inferior, Utah team because they were flat after losing to Florida.

    THAT is what I'm talking about. LSU has four important games left and I hope they stay focused on how the season COULD end and not how the season COULD HAVE ended.

    Again where did I say LSU was average?

  4. Sorry Jeff, my mistake, I misunderstood you. I agree with your sentiments totally, but I believe LSU will take their frustration out on their opponents for the remainder of their season.I hope I am right, even with their injuries I believe they will win the rest.

  5. You didn't,my mistake.


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