Saturday, November 7, 2009

LSU 15, Bama 24: Quick Thoughts

How'd we do with my recipe?

1.  2nd and 6 or less.  Actually, the Tigers accomplished this about 6 or 7 times in the game.   They also had plenty of 2nd and 10 or more situations, but 1st down plays were generally pretty good.

2.  200+ passing and 2:1 TD to Int ratio.  Well, the Tigers only managed 158 yards in the air and one touchdown, with one interception late by Jarett Lee.  Not good.  And this did play a large factor in the game outcome in my opinion.

3.  Win the turnover war.  Actually, LSU did win the turnover war.  But the refs didn't see it that way.  Peterson's interception was denied.  So each team had 1 interception.  Not good for LSU in this game.

4.  Take advantage of big plays.  LSU had a lack of big plays throughout the game on offense.  Scott had one big run, and the defense gave the Tigers great field position via some fantastic punting and a safety.  The Tigers scored a TD after the safety and punt.  But LSU did not have any offensive big plays.

5.  Penalties and Luck.  Do I have to say it?   All the Bama folks will guffaw.  Because they don't want to believe it.  And I am not one to blame the refs.  But the officiating in this game was terrible (we'll cover that more later) and the interception by Peterson that was denied after the replay clearly showed what an athletic play he made - well, that denied LSU the chance to win the football game.  It changed the momentum completely.  And it ended soon after that.  From a luck standpoint - well, I don't think good or bad luck played much of a factor either way.  LSU certainly didn't get lucky in the game at any time.  And besides maybe one possible interference call that could've been called against Peterson, the calls all went Bama's way.

Let me be clear.  Bama is a better football team because they have a better defense and a slightly better offensive line.  And Ingram and Jones are fantastic.  Bama played a very physical, very good football game.  But the refs interfered in the flow of the game in at least two, and maybe three instances.  So LSU was denied the chance to stay in the football game when the refs denied Peterson his amazing play.

Lots of apparently minor injuries for LSU.  Jefferson didn't play a lot of the 2nd half.  Scott hurt his shoulder I think.  Peterson didn't play much of the 4th quarter.  Black went down for a bit.

Lots to talk about.  The offsides flinch by Barksdale, the lack of sacks by the defense, the awesome punting by LSU, Stevan Ridley, Jarrett Lee, LSU's offensive line, the 2-point conversion attempt, the poor clock management that ended up putting the Tigers in the 4th quarter with no timeouts.   Lots to examine later.

The Tigers played their butts off.  They deserved a better effort from the officials.  And the Bamatards that honestly don't think that interception was inbounds and/or changed the game - well, congrats on the win.  I'm rooting for Florida.


  1. LSU fans can blame the loss on Patrick Petersons leg cramps,the missed two point conversion,Brandon Taylors missed tackle that allowed the Julio Jones 73 yard touchdown,Daniel Graff running into the Alabama punter,the instant replay call, etc..

    I believe LSU looked strong at times however if you review the statistics they lost in every category, total yards, rushing, passing yards, first downs and time of possession. I don't believe that the game was fixed as some people suggest, the fact is refs are just human. I have to give LSU credit for the way it fought.

    One of the basic rules involving instant replay is that there be indisputable video evidence that the call was incorrect to reverse the on-field ruling. If there is any doubt after reviewing the play then the play is not reversed.

  2. Thanks for the comment. The FACT remains that the replay CLEARLY showed not one but two feet inbounds. I don't buy into conspiracies and rarely blame refs. But that call was so incompetent and the game - regardless of the stats - was still very much in play. Bama played a great game. It's too bad the refs had to interfere.

  3. Well Jeff you are probably correct that call did change the game in that it did allow Alabama to put the game out of reach with a field goal.I just hope that people understand that a majority of Alabama fans(especially the players) take no pride in a game won as a result of a bad call(which I certainly don't believe was deliberately made).

    I wish now that the refs would have reversed the call.I believe Alabama could have won it without the controversy, but now I guess we will never know.

  4. You want some cheese with that whine? Its always the ref's fault, or injury's fault, or the weather's fault. LSU's offense wasn't moving the ball anyways. Make more plays during the game and one call doesn't hurt you. ROLL TIDE BITCHES!!!!!!!1

  5. You sure had no problem with the refs after the Georgia game. Stop your crying. Your offense wasn't going anywhere anyways. 4th qtr = 9 yards and 0 first downs. Yep it was the refs.

  6. Jeff,

    Can you explain the block in the back rule? Can you block in the back at the line of scrimmage, or if a pass is thrown behind the line? Looking at Chulio's play, there is a clear block in the back at the beginning.... Just curious before I get into it with my gump friends.

  7. @6. No such thing as block in the back inside the tackles.

    @4,5. Thanks for the well thought out comments. I think you'll find I did have a problem with the UGA refs. If you bothered to read it.

    I think Bama is a better team this year. But it six that the bs call had to make their win so meaningless that LSU was practically rewarded for losing in the polls.

  8. Another clarification on the block in the back. Do you mean where the tackles initially line up? The block I am referring to is out were Chulio caught the pass, not back in the interior area of the original line of scrimmage. I believe it was the cb in place of Peterson who was pushed (albeit only slightly).

  9. In that case, if it happened, it's a clip. I didn't see the block in question.


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