Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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The number four. I distinctly remember 4 pre-snap procedural penalties for the LSU offense. Those are inexusable in October, much less in November in the biggest conference game of the year. And I remember some of those penalties negating first downs. It's easy to bitch about the refs (something I gave up long ago) and the LSU msg boards are eaten up with it. But no one wants to say that the Tiger offense lost the game for LSU, not the refs.


  1. Agreed. However, SEC officiating is atrocious. That has to change.

  2. LSU fought with some real spirit, however if people will really be honest Alabama was punting the ball when Graff ran into the punter giving Alabama the opportunity to go for it on fourth down and to make the first down. Also if people who viewed the game will remember Alabama earlier was on the LSU 3 yard line and then committed a penalty saving LSU from 7 more points, LSU was very lucky the game wasn't already out of reach.

    LSU had very little pass protection which lead to Jordan Jefferson getting sacked and injured. I also didn't understand why LSU had no time outs left half way through the fourth quarter. There were so many factors as to why LSU lost, I will just name a few and you let me know if I'm being honest.

    1. Two missed two point attempts.
    2. Punting on third and short with no time outs left.
    3. Brandon Taylors missed tackle of Julio Jones resulting in a 73 yard touchdown.
    4. Substitution infractions.
    5. Deficient protection of Jordan Jefferson.
    6. Running into the Alabama punter when there was no reason to pressure the kicker.
    7. Horrible clock management.
    8. The inability to stop Mark Ingram.

    The controversial interception call was just one reason among many.

  3. hmmm...maybe they'll move the game to the slaughterhouse in the second half.


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