Sunday, October 25, 2009

Eating a Little Crow - Jefferson was Better than my Quick Thoughts

I went back and reviewed every single Jordan Jefferson pass play from the Auburn game.  I looked for Jefferson's timing and also his accuracy, catch or not.  I was impressed with what I saw, in retrospect.  And I've changed my mind on Jefferson's game.

1st Quarter

1.  Complete to K. Williams in flat for nice gain.  Throw a little late and behind.
2.  Complete to Tolliver.  Throw behind, Tolliver bobbled it but held on.
3.  Incomplete to Tolliver.  Very nice pass, Tolliver was interfered with/tripped.
4.  Incomplete to Tolliver.  Throw very low and behind.
5.  Incomplete to LaFell.  Throw low and behind, but LaFell should have made the catch.
6.  Complete to Tolliver - nice pass.
7.  Complete to Tolliver.  Good throw, maybe a tad late.
8.  Complete to Tolliver.  Nice pass.
9.  Complete to Lafell.  Throw was high and behind on a bubble screen.
10. Incomplete to Scott.  Scrambling and basically threw it away.
11.  Couldn't find open man - scrambled for a touchdown.

2nd Quarter

12.  Complete to Lafell.  Nice pass.
13.  Complete to Lafell.
14.  Scrambled for first down after a very deep drop.
15.  Complete to Tolliver.  Very nice throw on a comeback route.
16.  Complete to Tolliver.  Another nice throw.
17.  Complete to Lafell.  Nice screen pass.
18.  Incomplete to nobody - threw it away after scramble.
19. Complete to Tolliver. 
20.  Scramble out of bounds no gain.
21.  Incomplete to Lafell.  Hit as he threw, way over Lafell's head.
22.  Complete to Scott on screen for no gain.
23.  Sacked after 3.5 seconds in pocket.
24.  Incomplete to Chris Mitchell.  Very short.  Hit just after he threw.
25.  Complete to Tolliver.  Nice pass.
26.  Incomplete to Tolliver.  Thrown well behind.

3rd Quarter

27.  Incomplete to Lafell.  Good pass in tight situation.  Lafell dropped the ball.
28.  Complete to Holliday.  Nice pass in the only place Holliday could've caught it.
29.  Complete to Lafell for TD.  Very nice pass, taking advantage of Lafell's height advantage.
30.  Incomplete to Shepard.  He just dropped it.
31.  Complete to Randle.  Fantastic throw and catch.
32.  Negated by penalty, but good completion to Dickson.
33.  Incomplete to Tolliver.  Not a good choice or pass - well covered.
34.  Incomplete to Tolliver.  Slightly late throw, Tolliver dropped it.
35.  Complete to Tolliver.

4th Quarter

36.  Complete to Chris Mitchell.  Very low pass negating possible yards after catch.
37.  Complete to D. Peterson.  Good pass.
38.  Complete to Holliday.
39.  Sacked from a blitz.

Dear Jordan Jefferson,

     How are you?  I hope you didn't take too big of a hit on that last play.  Anyway, just wanted to tell you that I was completely wrong about your performance against Auburn.  I thought you were just sorta OK.  Turns out, you had a very nice game and executed the gameplan that was given to you very, very well.

     I'm particularly impressed with your ability to run yourself out of trouble most of the time.  And that fumble was clearly just "one of those things" and not reflective of your attention to preventing turnovers.

     One thing I noticed:  you threw to Tolliver 14 times, but only threw to Dickson once.  Wazzup with that?  I'm sure there's a good explanation.

     While I'd still like to see more throws 25 yards or so over the middle, I think the offensive line is giving you time.  So, eventually, we're going to see the long stuff.  With that in mind, I'm going to have a little crow for dinner tonight and call it good.

     Have a great week.  And GEAUX TIGERS!



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  1. Jeff,

    Thanks for the play-by-play on Jefferson. I was trying to figure out just how well Jefferson played. The fumble was the fly in the ointment. He really did a great job. Bama has not thrown a touchdown in a long while. I'm not sure a great running game and a several field goals is going to cut it against LSU. Don't be so hard on yourself, if you are totally out of line others will be quick to let you know.

    Bob Wynn


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