Friday, October 30, 2009

Shit I Didn't Know About Tulane

Basically, I'm from New Orleans.  I mean, not the city, but what some consider an outer suburb of the metropolitan area.  I used to go to Tulane games in high school because (a) we got in for $1 with our high school IDs, and (b) Baton Rouge was not even close to my allowable driving radius as a 16 year old.

I used to pull for Tulane.  The high school QB that I played with was recruited and played there.  I really want to like Tulane.  Despite some of their irrationally arrogant fans.

So, in an effort to give this game and Tulane a little respect, I read their game notes for the LSU game.

Here's some shit I didn't know.

  1. LSU All-American LB Greg Jackson (85-88) is Tulane's Safeties/Kickoff Team coach. 
  2. Tulane is 52-5 against Louisiana teams that are NOT LSU.  Including....Camp Beauregard? WTF?
  3. Half of Tulane's team members getting playing time are either first or second year players.  The Greenies have played 18 true freshmen this year.  By contrast, I believe LSU has played somewhere around 8.
  4. Tulane ranks in the bottom half of nearly every statistical category in Div 1A, and in the bottom 20 in 11 of 17 categories.  They are dead last in the NCAA in net punting and tackles for loss.
  5. Tulane wears a black oval sticker on their helmets with the number 16 on it in honor of kicker Andrew Villar, who died this past April of unknown causes.
  6. Tulane has gotten 6 sacks this season so far.  Tulane has been sacked 21 times.
  7. Tulane averages about 28,500 fans in the Superdome.  I wonder who subsidizes that losing proposition?
  8. In 3 years, Bob Toledo has only won 8 games at Tulane.  The same number of wins in his first year at UC-Riverside (1974).  Ouch.
Yeah.  I'm bored, too. 

The goal on Saturday has to be to put 50 up on the board.  It's nothing personal against Tulane, but LSU needs to blow out some teams to get some voter attention.  Sorry - but Urban Meyer and Bob Stoops ALMOST have it right (they go too far).  Miles needs to keep the starters in until he hits fitty.

Anyway, now that LSU will no longer have to play Tulane every year, maybe I can spend a little time developing a fan's interest in the Green Wave.  We'll see.  They need to start being at least a little interesting, first.  If they dropped down into the FBS league, I'd be there in a heartbeat!

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