Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thirty and two days till

I admit it. I love these purple jerseys. It's heresy, I know. I'm supposed to only like the white ones. I know. But this, to me, is a cool uniform.

Charles Scott, Junior, 5-11, 221. Mr. Football in Louisiana in 2005, as well as Louisiana's Gatorade Player of the Year. Played as a true freshman. Hasn't been able to break out - perhaps this is his year? We'll see what the committee has to say about that...


  1. I'm a big fan of the purple jersey, which I agree, seems to be heresy with the majority of the LSU fanbase. The white jersey is the be all, end all. But I've always loved the purple jersey, always will.

    I think Scott can be a solid, if not special, back. So can Murphy, Holiday, and Williams. They all can. But Scott has shown flashes of brilliance. Whatever the case, we're loaded back there and shouldn't be disappointed.

  2. I'm kind of late with this, but I grew up watching the Tigers in purple during the 80s. I listened to the Tigers in the 70s where the white jerseys (saw highlights on WDSU-New Orleans).

    I think superstitions are silly. Tradition? No. It doesn't matter what jersey a team wears; it is the quality of the young men inside the jerseys. Because of this, I want to see Purple jerseys at every home game.


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