Monday, July 28, 2008

Take me To Your Leader: Appy State's Armanti Edwards (QB)

He's not very big at 6' and 185. But he's got two national titles under his belt and his team is favored to win it all in the Football Championship Subdivision again (you know, Div 1-AA) this year. And he led his Mountaineers to the now legendary win over Michigan in the "Big House" last year, a feat Tebow could not accomplish for Florida later that season on neutral ground.

Junior Armanti Edwards ran for 1588 yards and 21 TDs last year. He threw for 1948 yards and 17 TDs, with a 67% completion average. In a single game against Richmond, he accounted for 313 yards rushing, 182 yards passing, and 7 touchdowns. So...... that's pretty good. Umm, like, Tebow good.

But, apparently, he's afraid of flying. (HT: EDSBS)

Reportedly, he's only done it - fly, that is - twice. Of course, he kicked Michigan's arse for making him do it the first time. Then he flew back home, but only cause he knew he was like Ceasar, returning to the orgy.

This time will be different. That flight home after a beating at the hands of LSU's defense is gonna suuuuuuck. Good thing he's so small - his abused body will fit more comfortably in those tiny ass airline seats. And between alternating nightmares of Ricky Jean-Francois and Chad Jones, he may actually be able to get some sleep.


  1. Sounds like he has your attention. I think you will see him fly quite often without a airplane.

  2. He's got everyone's attention. Including some young men named Woods, and Alexander, and Favorite, and Francois, and Jackson, and Beckwith, and Jones, and I'm guessing Nevis will get a crack at him as well. His "landing gear" may be sore on the flight home. :)


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