Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mountaineers on the Internets

“...we have a good shot at putting up some points,” (QB Armanti) Edwards said. “In certain formations, they always play certain defenses.”

Apparently, North Carolina has discovered scouting film...


He also said this: "We're looking forward to this one, because they know we are coming. They are practicing for us, and they don't have no excuses if they lose."

Unlike the remainder of the Mountaineer schedule, during which they employ surprise tactics, showing up to opponents' stadiums unannounced and unleashing their hill-country terror on the unsuspecting enemy team...


Their band, "North Carolina's Band of Distinction," is making the trip. (Yawn). Sorry. That was rude. Afterall, they are apparently 300 strong (80 are making the trip) when they play in front of their 20,000 home fans.


Are you getting worried now? Stressed? Think maybe LSU might be looking past them to, um, Troy?

Go here to get, like, mello and stuff? Cool pics, though.


Perhaps some fans are a bit delusional: "our defensive line will be stacked, good crew of returners coming back, our LB corp will be as good as alot of the SEC teams you may see, our db's are young but they are all very fast and atheletic we have I think 2 returning in that area."

By "alot", perhaps he means Vanderbilt's walkons? I'm not sure...

But I am impressed that Appy State avoids the common pitfall of choosing slothful and spastic defensive backs...


But then back to Earth: "Let's keep in mind our young secondary will playing their first game of the season v. LSU. I know they are athletic and have great potential but that amounts to nothing until they actually perform. I think there are some big shoes to fill on both sides of the ball and I am not as confident that all those called upon to step it up are going to be right off the bat as good as those they replaced.

I believe our 3 NCs have blinded us to the reality of replacing folks who have been the mainstay of this team the last several years."


Can you tell I'll be scoffing for the next 31 days? Yep, yep.

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