Sunday, November 15, 2009

SOAPBOX: Get Well Soon, Jordan Jefferson.

Judging from the box score only, you'd be very surprised to find out that LSU actually beat Louisiana Tech last night. It's an ugly looking set of statistics for the Tigers. But the ugliest line in my opinion is the time of possession stat. Because it tells the story of why the Bulldogs were able to make a game of it.

LA Tech had the football for 36:20. LSU for 23:40. 12.5 minutes difference. LA Tech ran 84 offensive plays to LSU's 52.

Viewed from that perspective, it's amazing the LSU defense was able to keep LA Tech out of the endzone as much as they did.

The LSU defense once again saved the game for the Tigers. They had to. Because the LSU offense was horrible. Mostly because Jarrett Lee was horrible. Lee went 7 of 22 for 105 yards, 1 TD, and zero interceptions. He was very lucky to have zero interceptions. Two poor passes were nearly picked off - for pick-sixes.

To say I'm disappointed in Lee is a gross understatement. He just flat-out looked lost out there. For every nice pass he threw, there were 2 or 3 horrible throws. And he had tons of time. Even when LA Tech blitzed, the Tiger offensive line and RBs were able to give Lee enough time generally. But he just could not settle his feet and find open receivers.

If there was any doubt about who LSU's starting QB should be, Lee squelched those doubts. Jordan Jefferson is better in every aspect of the game. And that is a bit of a revelation because a lot of folks, including me, thought Lee was a better passer than Jefferson. Unless Lee was suffering from H1N1 last night, there is no doubt that Jefferson is the better passing QB. His mechanics may not be pure, but he's certainly more procuctive and reliable than Lee was last night.

Anyway - enough bashing Lee. Get well soon, Jordan Jefferson.


The defense played well in the second half, but LA Tech was able to slash and burn it's way to big rushing yardage in the first half. That does not bode well against the Rebels Dexter McCluster next week. Tackling needs to improve and the defensive line needs to keep the linemen off the linebackers. McCluster is the real deal.

Keiland Williams had a great game, with 116 yards on 15 carries, including 2 TDs. He ran with power as well as finesse. The offensive line gave him some good holes to hit. He hit them hard. And he ran through every arm tackle, which has not been the case in the past.

Russell Shepard had a couple of nice runs and continues to show his potential. I think LSU will eventually use Shepard in the Percy Harvin role. He will be sensational catching quick slants in space.

Patrick Peterson was fantastic again.

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