Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Recipe to Beat Bama: Ingredient Two

The first ingredient was:  2nd and 6 or Less.

The second ingredient is:  200+ and 2:1.

That is, more than 200 yards passing and a passing TD to Int ratio of at least 2:1.

LSU will have to establish a threatening passing game against the Bama defense in order to allow any kind of balance in their offense.  Normally, the Tigers try to establish the power running game first.  Lately, however, I would argue that the passing game has assisted in opening up the running game.  And that's definitely the only recipe for success against Alabama's formidable defensive front 7.

I'm not insinuating that Alabama's pass defense is a team weakness.  Because it's not.  It's simply the most vulnerable part of a very good defense.  Plus, LSU's Jordan Jefferson has a talented group of receivers to throw to.  If Jefferson can get rid of the ball quickly and accurately, he stands a very good chance of finding some mismatches in the secondary on first and second down.  Again, not because Bama's DBs aren't good.  But because LSU's receivers are very good. 

And, of course, a demonstrated ability to move the ball through the air 6-9 yards at at time (or more) will force Bama's talented linebackers to back-the-fuck-up.  And that will be the only real possibility for LSU to find some seams on the ground and let the talented Tiger backs gain some yards and eat up some clock.

If the Tigers can get 200+ yards through the air and throw at least two passing touchdowns for every pick, this will be a completely winnable football game.  If the Tigers can't get the passing game going, which will likely result in a large number of 3 and out situations, Defeat will be lurking in the visitor's locker room.

I think Jordan Jefferson is ready.  And I think our receivers match up very well with Bama's secondary.

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