Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Will Florida Exploit LSU's Lack of Sack?

The Tiger defense hasn't had a sack since Vandy.  Lots of folks, including me, have talked about it.  And Rahim Alem is understandably frustrated

Why is this a problem?  Well, obviously sacks stall offensive drives and cause all but the most experienced and steely-eyed QBs to flinch and make more mistakes.  Without a credible pass rush, good QBs (like Florida's) will be able to pick apart almost any secondary. 

Can LSU develop a pass rush?  Sure.  Florida has given up 7 sacks over 4 games, with a high of 3 against the Volunteers.  LSU has some talent on the defensive line, but we haven't seen much sack production yet.

But the question on my mind is not, "Will LSU get some sacks against Florida?"

My question is, "Will Florida exploit LSU's desire to get to Tebow/Brantley?"

I think they will.  I'm sure LSU's coaches have thought about this well before I did.  But the fact is:  LSU's defensive line will be hungry for Gator QB.  And I think we may see some corner blitzes to try to get to Brantley, who may not have the experience to pick these up.  But Florida, if they're  paying attention, should have a gameplan in place to exploit this when it starts happening. 

Sometimes weakness can be exploited both at the depth of the weakness and during the attempt to fix the problem. 

I'll be watching for it. 

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