Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thoughts, somewhat narrow in scope and kinda repetitive

Georgia is a bunch of crybabies. They whined in 2003 after our win in the regular season that they played the better game and were the better team. They cried in 2007 over the post season when they didn't even win their own division, much less play for the conference title. Then there is this last episode. They had as much time and timeouts to score that we did. they then threw an interception. If the Bulldogs put forth half the effort their fans do whining and crying into winning, they would win. And their fans would be happy. So then we would have no perspective for the start of this thought. It's like some weird moebius strip.

Reading bloggers defend their rankings is disheartening. I've said it once, but it just keeps happening. I've seen them punish LSU for their 'dismal' performance yet reward other teams for how they could/would/should perform in the future (Oklahoma when Bradford is back for instance). Sometimes, this is just as bad as the media. I still think the blogpoll is an improvment since they actually watch. But there's no teaching logic to some fools I guess.

Damn the torpedos, let's win every game. Both in person and on the internet I've heard the opinion, and a solid one at that, that neither of these teams really need to win this game. And it's true, they don't. That position is correct as both will still control their SEC destiny. I default back to my primordial make up and tradition as an LSU fan. I don't like anyone in this conference and I don' t like losing. Therefore, I love having a positive record against all foes. Thanks to Archer, Hallman and Dinardo, we're now down a few to Florida. So I'm fine with notching another win, ugly or not. And I hope LSU can keep it going. Besides, I never saw anyone take away Ohio States' title for winning ugly.

No matter the outcome, I really want the SEC champ to play and wipe the floor with Texas. That appeared to be the matchup before the season and so far that hasn't changed. Despite what I just wrote, I have a hard time seeing LSU it make there. So, I'd be happy with a Cotton Bowl against OU or Nebraska or something. It'd be a fun match up and could settle some scores from past bowl games.

My darkhorse Stanford still rolling. Gerhart is a fun running back to watch and is actually pretty talented. Nice test weekend in Corvallis against the Beavers.

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