Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Curious Case of Bryce Brown

So Tiger fans near and far are getting worked up about Bryce Brown and his now impending visit to LSU this weekend. I am not. I fully recognize and understand the skills and talents this kid possesses. I am also aware of his baggage. And that's why I don't want him here.

Look, he seems to be a very promising running back as he is rated among the very best at his position. And with the departures of Charles Scott and Keiland Williams after next season, he could likely fill the need and do it in fine fashion. It seems like a win win situation for him and us.


This kid and his behaviour just scream trouble. He has a mentor of sorts. I won't bother explaining it, just read this column from Bruce Feldman. Weird huh? And consider he's still 'committed' to Miami but taking all of these visits. To me, it doesn't add up to someone you want around your program.

Has everyone forgotten that quickly the shit we had to put up with and go through with Ryan Perrilloux? Has everyone forgotten we signed a solid, solid talent in Michael Ford? Again, has anyone forgotten the shit we had to go through with Perrilloux? I guess so.

Looking back at the whole Perrilloux saga, it's easy to see now that the warning signs were there and they went unheeded. This Brown kid strikes me the same way, meaning, he would bring not law troubles as much as just not obeying authority and being a team player. Translation: just not acting smart. Short term selfish decisions instead of consideration for the team and the future, ending up a team cancer and albatross to the entire program.

On principle alone, LSU doesn't need this type of kid in the program, someone who puts himself apart from and above the team. And that's besides the fact that LSU can afford to pass here given a tremendous talent and great kid like Ford that committed to us early and never looked back.


  1. I agree, Joshua, this WfVU/LSU thing will be epic.
    As far as new music, or old music, I stumbled into a group called
    Team Facelift via Twitter, and especially The Fat Jew, is pretty funny. Kinda like Beastie Boys meets the Pharcyde in a way. Check em out, they are all over youtube.

  2. Dude, great to see you here. Thanks for stopping in!

    And yes, the magnitude of that game is slowly seeping into my scotch and deep fried food addled brain.

    Thanks for the music tip. I'm always down for more good stuff!


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