Monday, February 23, 2009

Holy Trinity Happenings.

Lots of buzz today regarding a soon to be done deal for LSU and West Virginia to play a home and home in football for the 2010 and 2011 seasons. Great job if so. As a season ticket holder, this is the type of game I want to see, deserve to see and will gladly pay to see. The Fightin' Tigers of LSU versus the Hillbillies of West Fuckin' Virginia, should be a tremendous clash of redneck culture.

The basketball team is up to 18 in both polls and the magic number is down to 2 for an outright SEC championship. LSU is just about a lock for the tournament right now. I've always had faith in this coach and team, but I never honestly expected for them to be far out in front with an SEC title in easy reach. I figured they'd be making some noise in the West and hoping for a solid showing in the SEC tourney. Now, I hope they don't spend too much energy in the SEC tourney so they are ready to go for the NCAA's.

I figure the Tigers can go at least 2-2 (taking UF and either Ole Miss or Vandy) in these last four and 1-1 in the SEC tourney. My buddy pointed out that record might still be the combined best record over all for the conference. Not that it means anything. But I do like Johnson's m.o. that he wants these guys playing competitive each game. And to be honest, they need to. The victories lately have become tougher and closer. So it wouldn't hurt them to step it up. In the end, I say Sweet Sixteen.

As for baseball, they did just what you expected them to do on opening weekend in a new, state-of-the-art stadium against a sacrificial lamb of an opponent. Of course, the Tigers shelled them with offensive firepower. Imagine how much they will hammering the ball when it warms up. What we didn't really find out about, and it's the only real question mark, is pitching.

Coleman is aces in relief. Ranaudo came on strong last year and is a solid starter this year. But for LSU to consistently win and have honest hopes at titles, we have to have top notch pitching. It's cliche, but for a reason. I look back at the titles LSU won, and the pitching was stout. Look at who wins lately or why we fall short and it's obvious, you have to be able to shut down the other team's bats.

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