Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So frickin' happy

Charles Scott and Ciron Black announced today that they will return for their senior seasons. On the surface, I'm very excited to have two big pieces of offensive success return. In 2008, Scott ran for 1,208 yards on 217 carries, averaging 90.3 yards a game while Black has been the starting left offensive tackle for the past three years since he first started as redshirt frosh.

The LSU Fightin' Tigers under Miles have always emphasized the run and having these guys back is going to help take a lot of pressure off of Jefferson and the passing game. But makes my day is what they said.

"The team really needs me and Ciron and the other seniors to be leaders on this team," Scott said. "We've been to the mountain top with winning a national championship and then last year was a disappointment. We have to show the young guys what it takes."

Scott talked at the press conference about the need for leadership and that makes me very very very happy. Lack of leadership, resulting in no accountability, which lead to piss poor effort and lack of pride, was the primary downfall of the 2008 team and the reason so many games were lost. To have a returning senior recognize this and already talking about taking a leadership role gets me excited for the next season. There were other factors that led to the misfortune we suffered in 2008. But to see guys wanting to step up and be a leader is great foundation to build towards 2009 on. If Scott, Black and others are successful in leading, as stalwarts Dorsey, Flynn, Mauck, Hester, James were, then I predict that the Tigers will get back to elite form and have a great 2009 campaign.


  1. Geaux Tigers .... Looking foward to a great year. I agree 100% the BAYOU BENGALS will be roaring through the SEC this year

  2. Thanks Bleed. I really feel, when looking at all the factors, that 2008 will be an anomaly and LSU will be excellent in 2009.


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