Sunday, January 11, 2009

LSU can't take care of the ball, loses to Bama

LSU never really let themselves get into this game because they couldn't consistently hold on the the ball and make smart passing decisions. Yes, Bama played some D and forced some turnovers. But by and large, the Tigers threw this game away by unforced turnovers, which is just bad bad basketball.

It's obvious what others have said still holds true:
-LSU needs an inside presence.
-When the Tigers shoot well, they can compete pretty dang well.

Now, the inside presence isn't going to change, obviously, since it's the middle of the season and it's not like we can just bring someone in. The only time you'll hear me mention this is when it was absolutely critical to a loss. Otherwise, why keep bringing it up.

There were some nice plays on offense, finding the cutting man and some nifty shots from close in. If the Tigers can combine that with consistent shooting, the Tigers can score the points they need. But again, they gotta take care of the ball.

Basically, LSU spent the whole game toiling from behind because they kept putting themselves there with their neglect of the ball.

And on a broader level, I am not that impressed with either team. I watched Arkansas beat Texas the other night and they, to me, are head and shoulders ahead as a team. Right now, and it's early of course, I think the West is the Hogs' to lose. LSU just doesn't click right now and Bama's not much better than them. I need to see Ole Miss and Miss St play some more, but I have no reason at hand to not call for Arkansas to end up first in the West.


  1. Man, I wish you were wrong.

    I like the hustle and aggressiveness. Maybe Chris Johnson will stop being a spaz on offense and give M. Thornton some support.

    There's a good chance the team will finish strong. I think Johnson's got it going in the right direction.

  2. roll tide. that is all.

    got to get it in while they're 1-0. I don't expect too much out of them this year.

  3. Jeff, definitely appreciate the hustle and aggressiveness. I think Trent is a solid coach and has this team headed in the right direction. That is, as much as he can with the talent at hand in this, his first year.

    LD, I'm sure the favor will be returned in Baton Rouge, especially the 35-10 free through edge.


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