Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jordan Jefferson Video

We're gonna be talking a bunch about quarterbacks over the off-season. For now, here's some video of JJ's better plays against Ga Tech in the Peach Bowl. Enjoy. My favorite is not the shuffle pass - which I think was ill advised. I like the bomb to LaFell that was called back - very pretty strike.


  1. Completely and vehemently disagree about the shuffle pass. It was easily a forward pass, so no chance of a fumble. There was no defender in the area and it was thrown at the sideline, so no threat of an interception. Low risk, nice reward. And it's indicative a making a quick decision for positive yards via improvisation. Overall, a terrific and impressive play.

  2. Vehemently. Gotcha.

    I don't dislike the idea of that pass. I just don't like the out of control aspect of it. It's tempting to think he had complete awareness and knew where everyone was as he did it. I suspect, next year, in the same situation, he would've thrown the ball out of bounds about two seconds earlier - or ate it.

    I'm not hard over on it, though. It was fun as shit to watch (because it worked).


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