Monday, December 22, 2008

Shepard Signs Letter of Intent

Depressed about 7-5? And losing to Ole Miss? And Arkansas? And the Bammers?

Watch this video once a day until the Spring Game. You'll be fine.

Seriously. Watch his throws. The fact that he's such a great runner is distracting. Watch his passing. Then imagine how Reuben Randle could possibly be considering not being this guy's primary target for three years.

This is how the West will be won.


  1. DAT BOY GOOD!!!!

    But it seems you are suggesting that Randle couldn't possibly be sucessful with another QB. I'm sure you're not doing that though. Because that would be quite a homer call.

  2. Randle will of course be successful with any good QB. My point is - why settle for good when he can have Shep. End of the day, I think this is what helps land Randle in Baton Rouge. But - Bama is a threat and time will tell.


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