Friday, September 19, 2008


LSU will win this game with far more ease than many folks are thinking.

Here's why.

1. Auburn's offense is bad. It won't get that much better in a week.

2. LSU's offense is good and hasn't been let out of it's cage yet. That changes on Saturday.

3. Andrew Hatch is a better QB than he's getting credit for. I predict he suprises some folks.

4. LSU's defense is great, and deep, and the young DBs are playing better than expected (at least by me). As long as we don't lose many more LBs...

5. Auburn's defense is not as deep as LSU's and our offense will wear them down in the fourth quarter.

Stuff I'm worried about.

1. Quarterback play. If I'm wrong about Hatch, then it's a toss up. I could easily be wrong.

2. Special teams, particularly punting. If this is a defensive struggle, our punting game could very well be the weak link that breaks the chain.


Close game at halftime, LSU by 14 or more at game's end. LSU 24, Auburn 10.


  1. once again, i say the line is not big enough.

  2. Yep I'd lay the points. If Auburn can only score 3 on State, no way they score more than one TD against LSU.


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