Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sixteen days till

If my girlfriend is reading this, baby, I'm sorry I could find one without his helment with his hair all loose and free like you love. Looking around was cutting into my watching olympic beach volleyball. I'm a capable man, but I have my limits.

I think LSU is starting to enjoy more and more respect on a national level. And I'll tell you why. I thought Steltz was a great player who did everything and more that LSU needed. But he wasn't close to be the first string All-American last year. He was a big contributor to one of the best defenses in the land for the national champions. But there were better safeties that deserved that honor. I'm not running Steltz down at all. He could pretty much walk away with my girlfriend. You and I have both seen that, a solid player for one of the top teams gets the accolades while there's some talent out there that goes unrecognized.

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  1. OVERRATED!!! OVERRATED!!! C'mon - Coleman came in and did more than Steltz would have in the BCS game last year. Steltz lived off the first game of the season when State was handing out ints like Halloween candy and he came up with three.


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