Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Good night

Seating Capacity 7,760
Playing Field Distances
Foul Lines 330 ft.
Power Alleys 365 ft.
Center 405 ft.
Height of Fence 10 ft.
In center field 15 ft.
Playing Surface
natural grass

LSU's baseball stadium was named in 1943 for Alex Box, an outfielder for the 1942 Tiger squad. Box was killed in 1943 while fighting in North Africa during World War II. Lieutenant Box, a tank commander, displayed his heroism on November 9, 1942, when he risked his life in helping destroy six enemy machine gun nests and an artillery emplacement near Arcole, Algeria. His brave acts earned him the Distinguished Service Cross, the Army's second-highest decoration.

Happy late Memorial Day Alex. Be seeing you....

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