Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Since I nailed the past weekend (picked LSU to drop the first game to UCI and win going away) I figure I am gifted and should share my vision of the future with you and your betting fortunes.

Here's how I see Omaha shaking out. The Tigers drop their first game to UNC and Rice drops Fresno. LSU pounds Fresno and Rice falls to UNC. The Tigers stay alive by taking out Rice. Our beloved ball club faces the Tarheels, put a valiant fight, but bow out leaving UNC to beat Stanford for the title.

Stanford gets there by dropping Florida State in the finals of the other bracket. Georgia starts off the CWS with a bang by beating Miami. Stanford 'upsets' Florida State in the first round of a topsy turvy half of the bracket. Miami goes two and que falling to FSU's and their bats. Meanwhile, Stanford sends UGA to the losers bracket who's then eliminated by FSU

My reasoning for this is UNC is salty (losers of the last two final championships) and is ready and willing to make a title run. Also, I am not impressed with Miami. I think they are just waiting to for someone to come along and eliminate them. Florida St has impressive offense, but I think they stick to form and start off getting in a hole. And while a team can dig themselves out of a hole in the regionals or super regionals, Omaha is no place to try the same trick.

So there you have it. I think LSU puts up a good fight, but ultimately pitching will cost them. There's no shame in a terrific run to our first CWS in years, building a great foundation for the future, especially a return to Omaha next year.


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