Tuesday, June 3, 2008

football schedule tomfoolermania, part II: the dumbening

So it was just announced that LSU has agreed to move kickoff for the opener against Appy St. to 4 pm in order to be aired by ESPN. This is stupid.

Some say it's great exposure. 'Scuse me? We are the defending champs. We are, and correct me if I'm wrong here, the winningest team in the SEC and second behind Southern Cal in the past decade or so. We have three SEC titles and two national titles since 2001. Our recruiting success belies the on the field success.

We don't need exposure. We're fine. Texas Tech or NC State need exposure we don't. And if you think this game will be aired anywhere outside of this region (Lousiana and Libery, Miss, maybe Moss Point), you're lacking mental faculties. There's lots of nice games on that ESPN will make sure get a larger share since they are inherently more attractive than LSU/Div 1AA champ. And remember, this is the network that pretty much tried to screw us up by breaking the Miles to Michigan hours before our SEC Championship. I wouldn't expect them to have any respect, but rather contempt for us.

Some say it's all about more revenue. And no doubt it is. But pardon me if LSU didn't introduce a plan this spring to increase ticket prices in order to keep up with the cost of doing business. We aren't deep in the red looking for any and all revenue to stay afloat. The SEC has just about the most lucrative tv contract in college football, to say nothing of the revenue from bowl rewards and other endorsements.

The fact that I've written 3 paragraphs so far without this devolving into a tirade of profanity and only profanity is a miracle and some small point of pride for my Mom. I'm hot about this.

Why? It's disrespectful and dangerous. For one, season ticket holders deserve better than to be made to see the return of their beloved Tigahs at about the worst part of the day in late August. LSU is telling season ticket holders, myself included, that our concerns, likes, dislikes, and health are not a concern.

Health is the big deal here. LSU has traditionally played at night not because we've always insisted on having an entire day to booze and eat, but because it's hotter than hell in Louisiana during the day at that time of year. I guarantee fans will pass out and need attention. They could've headed that off by drinking water, but LSU will make sure you don't bring your own and buy their $4 tiger waters inside the stadium, which they will run out of, along with ice, by the start of the 2nd quarter.

My verdict? LSU should've told ESPN at the very beginning to show up at regular business hours for an opener (7pm) or get lost. Not only can we hold Colorado to a series already agreed upon, we allow this to happen. To say nothing of the athletic department's abilities showcased when LSU has been walked over repeatedly such as the time VT backed out of playing twice, working "around the clock" and "engaging in serious talks" to get top notch matchups to fill our schedule such as Appy St, Troy and North Texas, engaged in an idiotic 10 game match up with Tulane that handicaps our scheduling abilities, and allowed Arky St off the schedule so they could play Oklahoma and in return Oklahoma was to schedule us later (it's not there, go look). So yeah, the LSU athletic department is a failure in this aspect. I bet if I went, it'd be a building staffed not with people, but lobotomized door mats.

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