Monday, June 2, 2008

football schedule tomfoolerymania

So while we were all distracted with the domination that LSU has been thumping on everyone's skulls (you want none of this Boston!), it appears there's some crazy things afoot with LSU football scheduling. LSU was supposed to meet up with Colorado in (2011 and 2012) and that is off. But it slipped by seemingly me and everyone that LSU and the University of Washington have agreed to meet with LSU going to the beautiful dominion of Ty WIllingham and suji with the Huskies returning the match in '12.

2012?!?!??! What in the blue fuck is that? Does no one remember the travesty of going to VT and those cowards only returning (much to our championship march satisfaction) the game this past year? If we go to UDub in oh nine, I want the Huskies in Tiger Stadium last year or 2004 or sooner. I hate this crap. I know I could run things better than this. Hell, Early Cuyler from Squidbillies could fix this up and he's a damned cartoon.

Still, Colorado is now dominating the front running for gaping vajayjay of the year for dropping us for Fresno State. Dan Hawkins, this is Division One football brother, you don't like it, go play intramurals. And from the appearance of your scheduling, you should be playing girls lacross in Bossier, punk.

I'm sure this will all get hashed out and I will look like an idiot. But I've been drinking and my wrath, previously only visited upon my friends on the washer court yesterday and my dog today, was looking for a fresh victim.

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