Friday, June 6, 2008

Outgoing Mail

In American warfare vernacular, outgoing mail is a term for friendly artillery intended for the enemy. Here at Tigerbait, it's a you tube to get you in the the right mood about the Tiger's whipping their next opponent and just getting out of the office for the weekend. I give you: And The Cradle Will Rock by Van Halen

Yes, I'm aware of how terrible that lip sync is (I think DLR's boots threw it off), but I'll be damned if that isn't some of the best guitar you've heard.

They say it's kinda frightenin' how this younger generation swings. Indeed, Blake Dean (.351, 19 HRs, 66 RBIs) and Matt Clark (.340, 25 and 58) are scary right now. But Cal-Irvine's pitching is damned good. So who blinks first? I think LSU does. However, they win the next two to take the series.

The key is LSU defense. It was a liability earlier this season and UCI is going to apply lots of pressure with their small ball. Lots of bunts, steals, sacrifice bunts, double steals and trickery will abound. Here's hoping the Tigers are ready and stay sharp.

The football schedule situation is just silly right now with all that is taking place, especially with the 2009 season. If you do the math, we have six road games next season (UW, Bama, OM, Miss. St, UGA and Tulane). LSU always, always has at least 7 home games. So something's got to give. Expect it to be Tulane.

Enjoy this weather, it's only going to get hotter. Hey, you can use it as training for our August 30th, 4pm opener with App. St. If you can't make it to the baseball games this weekend, just turn on the tv (5pm Saturday, ESPNU: 3pm Sunday on ESPN & 6pm Monday on ESPN2) and stand in front of your oven which you have on broil, it's about the same.

Speaking of the opener I've been grousing about, I love, love, love LSU SID Herb Vincent's disclaimer about the weather "LSU is aware of the potential weather conditions associated with a late afternoon game in August and will be diligent in advising fans to take precautionary measures concerning heat conditions."

And by "advising fans to take precautionary measures" he means bring plenty of money to pay for those tiny $4 tiger waters. Or you can die. Your choice.


  1. Standing ovation for the old school Van Halen! Go eaters!!

  2. Old Van Halen is like Old Milwaukee, "it don't get no better 'n this".


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