Sunday, December 2, 2007

SUNDAY SOAPBOX: Hello Football Fan! YOU doin?

Me? I'm ... Pensive. Happy. Excited. Anxious...nervous...doubtful, hopeful, cynical/idealistic/confidentlyparanoidsomberlyproudexuberentlydefensive.

I'm good. I'm the same. I'm a 2007 LSU football fan.

But let me axe you a question. Homerism aside, who should play in the BCS championship?

Yeah, I agree. Mizzou and West Virginia are out of it. Gotta respect Mizzou, though. The only team to beat them was Oklahoma (twice). And they played a reasonably tough schedule. West Virginia - for some reason, I've thought all season that they were overachieving and playing on borrowed time.

Ohio State, yeah, I agree. Definitely. Although, as I've said before, their strength of schedule is average. But average is better than cake-walk (vis-a-vis Kansas and Hawaii), so they are clearly deserving. But that's the easy one. Who else?

LSU. I know. I agree. But then again, I would agree, wouldn't I. After all, check out the obnoxious colors of this blog. I admit to a certain level of homerism. But let's come back to that Let's talk about the others. Who else?

Georgia? Yeah. Georgia. Man, they've been really good lately. Beat Florida and Auburn. And Kentucky. Whooped Oklahoma State and Ole Miss. Hung on to beat Bama. Of course, they had some issues as well. They got beat by South Carolina, who ended up 6-6 this season. And they got spanked by the same Tennessee team that lost last night to a battered and mistake-ridden LSU team. Still, if Georgia gets the nod, I personally would be disappointed but wouldn't feel robbed. Anyone else?

Va Tech? Surely you can't be serious. Maybe if they'd played us close. But we killed them. Team on team. They've had a great season. But they're done. Who else?

Oklahoma? Interesting. I think they're damn good, no doubt. But they lost to Texas Tech and Colorado. And they're in the bottom half of the strength of schedule rankings. That's enough for me to leave them out.

Oh, yeah. I was waiting for that one. USC. Did Brent Mushmouthburger convince you of that. Noone that loses to Stanford (one of only 4 wins for them this year) should play in the big game. Thank goodness Oregon managed to stay healthy long enough to beat them as well. USC is out. Anyone else?

No, me neither.

So. Watcha think? It's either LSU or Georgia, right? Yeah. Exactly. You know, Les Miles' comments about not getting beaten in regulation kinda pissed me off a little. At the time I thought, who cares? It sounded like a loser's justification to me. I still sort of think that. But in a small way, it makes you think. If LSU can stay in the Top 5 all year long (except for last week) and take EVERY TEAM's BEST SHOT and still have a real chance to win every game, and only lose after 3OTs, at which point it almost turns into a "who's gonna screw up first" contest, then shouldn't that count for something? And, yes, that was a loooong sentence.

Maybe the poll voters will think LSU's schedule does count. Who knows. Only time will tell.

Personally, I think LSU's two losses in 3OT to Kentucky (who Georgia beat) and Arkansas trump Georgia's losses to South Carolina (who LSU beat) and Tennessee (who LSU beat).

If Georgia gets the nod, I'm wearing Red and Black and speaking in an outlandish Jawjaw accent all day Jan 7, 2008!

Hell, yeah, I'm serious! And I'll have a whole month to get over the snub to LSU and practice mah lazay uh-none-seeyashuns, yawl.

Well, gotta geaux to Heauxm Depeaux. In the words, and smirk, of Les Miles -

(HT: StadiumSalute on TigerForums)

Have a great day!


  1. Good stuff. I agree that it's down to LSU and UGA, and it's basically a toss-up. Trying not to be a homer here, but I think if you don't win your conference, you shouldn't be in the NC game. At least until we get a playoff.

  2. It'll be interesting to see how long the BCS system lasts in its current state. Regardless of how this unfolds, the arguments for playoffs seem more and more convincing. I'm not sold, but I'm listening a lot closer to the arguments.


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