Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How Tough is Tough?

Did some digging to analyze just how tough LSU's schedule really was this year compared to the other BCS contenders.

LSU's strength of schedule rating is 35 of 120 teams.

Five of the top 10 (SoS) are SEC teams (Ole Miss, South Carolina, Alabama, Kentucky, Florida). Ole Miss and South Carolina are 1 and 2.

BCS Top 10 in SoS order (Sos, BCS Rank):

Florida (9, 10)
Georgia (14, 4)
Virginia Tech (28, 6)
LSU (35, 7)
Mizzou (37, 1)
West Virginia (49, 2)
Ohio State (67, 3)
Oklahoma (71, 9)
Kansas (96, 5)
USC (97, 8)

Make of it what you will.

I think it says we had a difficult schedule, but not as difficult as some of us like to claim. Certainly more difficult than Ohio State, Oklahoma, Kansas and USC.

Add that to the manner in which we lost, and it speaks to a strong showing across a difficult season.

Bottom line: I think Georgia hands down had the best performance in the nation, with Florida a close second.

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