Sunday, December 2, 2007

Dear Pitt and Oklahoma,


Your newest fan,


P.S. Thankin' You!


Can you people believe this crap? What a season! Regardless of what happens when the BCS rankings come out tomorrow afternoon, this has been the most incredible, strange, unpredictable, heart-stopping, mood-altering football season EVER.

I'm going to say it. I Told You So! I knew the drama could get better/worse. And it all fell in line. Let's look at what happened - JUST TODAY!!!

First, ESPN said Les Miles was going to Michigan.
Next, Les Miles calls a press conference and says, Bullshit. I'm staying at LSU.
Then, LSU plays clown-ball on offense and keeps the Vols in the game, 7-6 at halftime.
Then, LSU's defense slowly falls apart, and the offense struggles mightily to reverse a 14-13 Vol lead.
Then, LSU scores on an interception and converts the 2 pts.
THEN........they let the Vols roar back inside the Red Zone.
THEN, Darry Beckwith intercepts a pass and the Tigers win.
THEN.....West Virginia loses to Pitt (White injured, in civies, then back in uniform, driving at the end of the game, fails to convert on 4th down).
THEN...................Oklahoma reminds Mizzou that they might be good, but Oklahoma is better.
SO NOW................after being ranked #1 twice this year, LSU has a shot at playing for the BCS championship afterall.

Had I predicted all that might happen, most of you would've laughed at me. Wait, I did at least mention it....

What a day. What a frickin' day.

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