Thursday, November 15, 2007

PREDICTION: LSU 48, Ole Miss 9

The line on this game is LSU by 18.5. Here's why I think this is generous for Ole Miss.

First, LSU is a frighteningly talented, battle tested and relatively healthy football team. And Ole Miss is just embattled.

Second, LSU has been tested by teams with a LOT more talent than the Rebs. And only one of those teams, led by a legitimate Heisman mentionable, could hang around long enough to pull off a 3 OT upset. Florida, Auburn and Alabama succumbed. Virginia Tech was embarrassed. Mississippi State, a team with a chance at a bowl bid, was embarrassed. Tulane and LA Tech, after burning their emotion like a chunk of phosphorus, fizzled under the pressure of LSU's depth, strength, conditioning, and pure talent.

Third, IF Ole Miss plays four quarters of over-the-top football AND IF LSU can't find it's collective ass with both hands, then the game will be A LOT CLOSER than 18 points. However, if EITHER of those two things do not occur, then LSU will beat Ole Miss by more than 3 touchdowns. If LSU plays close to their potential and Ole Miss can't sustain an out-of-body level of performance for more than a half, then LSU will achieve my predicted victory, winning in a runaway.

Many folks on the internet blogs and fan forums are keying on the fact that Ole Miss considers this game their season defining moment. So they're giving them points for emotion. Then they're giving them points for being the home team. Then they're giving them points based on previous years' performances, where the Rebs kept the game close and scary for the Tigers. I say - SO WHAT! LSU has been highly ranked ALL YEAR LONG. Almost EVERY GAME this season has been THE BIG GAME for LSU's opponents. NO ONE has overlooked the Tigers this season.

Ole Miss won't hold LSU's very potent offense to less than 30 points. Ole Miss won't score more than 10 points on LSU's defense. Ole Miss' only hope is special teams play and interceptions, and I guarantee that was a huge focus for LSU this week.

In short, stand by for an emotional, crack-fueled Rebel rage fest in the first quarter, followed by a steady Tiger beat-down in the second quarter. Then, LSU opens up a gaping chest wound on the Rebs in the third quarter, and Ryan Perrilloux plays all of the fourth, has a great game, and pulls the plug.

Orgeron will learn: Fear the Hat!

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