Thursday, November 15, 2007

So I'm thinking...

Ole Miss really only moves the ball well with Ben-Jarvis John Sarah Jessice Parker Wilson Green-Ellis. The Fightin' Tigers are absolute assassins against the run. I have a hard time not going along with my esteemed colleague's opinion that you may find below.

Seriously, Ole Miss is a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad team. So what is keeping me from putting money on the idea that LSU won't win by 3 td's or more? Superstition I guess (Rule 1. Never bet on your team) but I just don't see how LSU doesn't slaughter Ole Miss.

Other notes...

-Watching this Oregon/Arizona game has been fun. The Wildcats have this awesome defensive back that has returned an interception and a punt for a touchdown. Also, I can't tell if the diamond plate on Oregon's hideous uniforms is embroidered or just screened on.

-Thank goodness Bonds was indicted today and not Saturday or we would've never been able to get a tidbit or shred of info about cfb during ESPN's 25 hour coverage of such a huge and important event.

-Erin Andrews is overrated. Yeah, I said it. Case in point, she is conducting a sideline interview during the 4th quarter of the UO/Zona game regarding Bonds and A Rod. I'm not good enough friends with Crunch to throw around the amount of profanity this inspires me to but I reeeeaaaally want to.

-We're going to be battling for supremacy here at TigerBait this winter when I start working on LSU baseball after the season. I won't allow Jeff and this basketball nonsense to take hold here without a fight.

-Miller Lite is a bad beer, but not bad when it's all the Race Track can offer to numb the pain of being in Pascagoula. However, the Shrimp and Grits at Scranton's is awesome. Make sure to stop by and try it. I think this will be the final dish of the tailgate/football season for brunch before the post Thanksgiving tilt with the Hogs.

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  1. I was thinkin' the same thing about the Bonds stuff. How many different ways can you say: "Bonds was indicted for lying"?

    Curse away, brother. But did you really just say something bad about Erin Andrews? That's some EXTREME subjectivity right there.


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