Thursday, October 4, 2007

PREDICTION: LSU 35, Florida 23

There's been a lot of talk in certain sections of the media and on the message boards (both LSU and Florida) about how LSU hasn't played anyone yet (which is a load of crap) and how the Tulane game revealed LSU's status as overrated.

Yet, the data continues to prove otherwise. Miss St is a respectable football team, and LSU crushed them. VT is a respectable football team, and LSU crushed them. SC just crushed 5-0 Kentucky and we handily beat SC in the rain with a weakened team.

Tulane was our low point. We crushed them in the second half.

So, here we are two days from the biggest kickoff in a long, long time. And there are many folks who just won't believe that the defense is THAT GOOD, that Matt Flynn deserves the starting job, and that Miles knows his team.

Well, I'm predicting that Crowton shows us the works in this game and the Gators will be grasping at straws. I'm predicting a season best effort from the defense and special teams, maybe not statistically, but considering the opponent, qualitatively. And I'm predicting only 1 Tiger turnover (fumble), but we get 3 Florida turnovers (2 ints, 1 fumble).

This is the year, ladies and gents. Florida is our first real test.

LSU walks away with the game in the third, and Florida scores a late TD to make the score more respectable than the game really will be.

LSU 35, Florida 23 (Matt Flynn and Ryan Perrilloux both have a great game.)

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