Sunday, October 7, 2007

TIGERS WIN!!! 28 - 24

What a game. Sunday Soapbox tomorrow, but just a few thoughts tonight before I try to calm down enough to get some sleep.

Florida played a great game. They only had 2 penalties, one of which was a grounding call in the last minute. The Florida offensive line played awesome all night, and the proof of that is Craig Steltz's 16 tackles, 13 of them unassisted. Curtis Taylor was second, with 8 tackles.

Tim Tebow is Florida's offensive production, accounting for 225 of Florida's 315 yards. He had one interception, but the ball hit the back of the receiver's helmet. Tebow is for real and he will continue to give teams fits trying to figure a way to stop him.

LSU's offense - WOW. Amazing. 5 for 5 on 4th down. Another fake field goal (OK, that's special teams - whatever). Long, time consuming drives. Jacob Hester gets 106 yards. Only two punts all day. Fantastic. Flynn looked shaken at first, but played a very nice game.

LSU's defense had a tough night, but I knew they would. I thought all along that they would give up close to 300 yards to Florida. Tebow is just too solid, and Florida may be young but they are fast and talented. So the defense held Florida to far fewer points and total yards than the Gators are used to putting up. And their 4th quarter performance was stellar.

LSU's strength of schedule is pretty respectable - consider that MSU is playing pretty well, VT is rolling right now, South Carolina looks strong, and Florida is far better than their 2 losses indicate. On deck, Kentucky, Auburn, Bama....none of them will provide a rest. Good thing we have a bye coming up - might need it.

What a win! I can't imagine what it must've been like to be in the stadium! Hopefully, our fans generally were good winners. Tebow and the Gators deserve respect for a great effort. If we have to play them again in the SEC championship (not likely now, but possible) it might not go the same way...

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