Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Couple more thoughts on the LSU/Auburn game.

Dorsey: There's a lot of discussion on fan forums and in the media about the Aubrun chop block on Glenn Dorsey. After watching it a few times, I have zero doubt that the block was premeditated by the two linemen. Add this to the heinous holding that was going on inside the line and it's obvious that you cannot rule out coaching involvement, if not outright support. I was sort of understanding about the hit during the game. Now, I think Tubby should discipline the players involved.

The Spot: I could not believe my eyes when the refs spotted that 3rd down play on the last drive. The gave LSU at least a half-yard. It wasn't even close. I'm confident that LSU would've picked up the first down regardless. But noone should want to win a game based on a call that bad.

The Call and the Clock: Flynn broke the huddle with about :18 seconds. There were :03 seconds remaining when the pass was caught. So, I think it was a good (if very gutsy) call. But I think Flynn took too much time getting the snap. Had Byrd dropped the pass, we still had :01 second, but honestly, we should've had :03 seconds based on the clock running an extra :02 after the play. It was very, very close - and it was very, very ballsy. But I think it was a good call, especially since it WORKED!

All season long, I've been noticing that the offense and defense are taking a very long time at the line of scrimmage to get set for the play. Offensive audibles seem like a second huddle sometimes, and defensive shifts seem late and excessive as well. I'm no coach, but I wonder if that's not a weakness that could be easily exploited by opposing coaches, shifting and moving, causing bogus adjustments and eating up time. How many times have we seen timeouts to avoid delay of game penalties? A lot.

"We're a second half team." - Matt Flynn. I think that's an understatement. All season long, the Tigers have improved and stepped up as the game has worn on, with the possible exception of Kentucky. The team seems poised and confident and I have faith in their ability to overcome almost any reasonable halftime deficit.

Whew - OK, now back to work.

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