Sunday, October 28, 2007

SUNDAY SOAPBOX: Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Watcha Gon Do?

Alright, Tiger fans. You've had your health week. You've gotten a chore or two done (in theory). Your fingernails are growing back. Your blood alcohol content is back under the legal driving limit. You actually ate a salad this weekend. Break's over.

Anyway, wasn't it all so boring? Yeah. I know.

What a disappointing weekend of college football (as seen through my purple/gold contact lenses).

DISAPPOINTMENT NUMBER ONE: The Tigers' very own hoodlums are back in the news. Derrick "Last Straw" Odom and Ryan "Who, Me?" Perrilloux were reported "at the scene" of a "ruckus" at 2 am on Friday morning.

Alright - yes they didn't get arrested, yes this could've been wrong place/wrong time, yes Perrilloux is going to attract idiots who want to bait him, yes, yes. But the two names being questioned aren't Matt Flynn and Jacob Hester, or Keiland Williams and Early Doucet, or Glenn Dorsey and Ali Highsmith. And this wasn't 2 am on Saturday morning.

You see, when you have a promi$ing NFL career to $hape and mold, and you've had a bit of (ahem) negative attention in the past, and your coach isn't giving you playing time because he doesn't trust you - in other words, when you're Ryan Freaking Perrilloux - you WALK AWAY. Moron.

Honestly, I could give a crap about Odom. He hasn't seen fit to protect his scholarship and earn his place on the team, and he hasn't played a down for the Tigers, so it would actually be heartwarming to see Coach Miles show him the door.

Perrilloux, however. What part of "heir apparent to an SEC football powerhouse" does this kid not understand? I was a sophomore in college one time - and I saw many, many 2 am Friday mornings outside of campus bars. But I always found it very easy to avoid run-ins with the law. When shit started, I left. Write that down, Ryan. When shit starts, visualize millions of reasons to WALK AWAY!!

I'm sure Perrilloux will get a break. And I'm sure Odom will, as well. But wouldn't it be nice if our future star QB could wait until he gets to the NFL before attempting to be the next Michael Vick?

OK- enough of that. If we have to take away Jarett Lee's redshirt, then so be it. I for one am getting a bit tired of worrying about Perrilloux's reliability.

DISAPPOINTMENT NUMBER TWO: Virginia Tech OWNED BC for all but the last two and one half minutes of Thursday's game, and then choked their own turkeys. At what point did it seem prudent to STOP playing good defense and START giving a Heisman trophy candidate the ENTIRE field and epic amounts of time within which to throw? I'll give BC the onside kick - hell, everyone deserves to get a little onside kick recovery once in awhile. But VT's defense just stopped playing football. Bummer, Beamer.

DISAPPOINTMENT NUMBER THREE: Ohio State OWNED The Paterno. I was SO hoping that the White Out would've inspire an upset. As it turns out, the Buckeyes finally stopped playing Little League teams and actually showed they could beat a college football program.

DISAPPOINTMENT NUMBER FOUR: The CroomDawgs embarrassed the Kentucky team that stole LSU's undefeated season away. OK, we gave it to them, but I'm an Indian giver and I want it BACK! Anyway, Kentucky had SIX TURNOVERS and basically had their blue balls handed back to them on a garnet and white platter. I've been saying for awhile that MSU was going to be a tough SEC team this year, but Kentucky's loss makes me wonder just how strong LSU's defense is at this point in the season. (Wrapup at Sea of Blue)

Of course, there were some high points. Jawja beat the Gators. For some reason, I get an extra inch taller when Tebow takes a loss. There's no reason for it. He's a fierce competitor and he probably should win the Heisman three times. I just like to see the goofy kid cry, I guess. I'm a meanie.


Here's why the early season polls pretty much mean nothing. Four of the preseason Top Ten teams are no longer there, two are no longer even in the Top Twenty. The only team the coaches seem to have predicted fairly accurately is LSU.

Dumbest coach ever? I guess we all make mistakes, but this one's hard to defend.

Nice SEC wrapup from Richard Pittman.

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