Monday, September 17, 2007

I watched the first half of the MTSU game last night on Before I nodded off - it's tough chasing a two-year-old up and down a beach - I determined that my initial perception of the offensive line was correct. Although MTSU only had two sacks and a few tackles for loss, their defensive line spent a lot of time in our backfield. Perrilloux was rushed a lot, and ran a lot - many times because he had to. This against a defense that gave up over 700 yards against Louisville. And, we had a few too many offensive line penalties again.

I know, I know - relax, enjoy a great season. I am, and I am.

I'm just sayin' - if we have a weak link right now, it's the o-line, and it's an issue that teams like Florida and Alabama and Arkansas (and maybe South Carolina and Kentucky) will be able to exploit.

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