Tuesday, December 1, 2009

LSU Fans: Time to Grow Up

I've been wanting to write this post for awhile. But I needed some time and perspective to sink in before I dove in. Because it's an emotional issue for many folks and I didn't want to overstate my case.

Simply put, my case is this.

Many LSU fans need to grow up.

What do I mean by grow up? I mean, stop acting like spoiled children who aren't getting the exact shade of red bike that Daddy promised them for their birthday. Stop acting as if there is no other team in the SEC who could possibly win a football game when LSU is on the field. Stop acting like you actually know more about football, particularly coaching football, than one of the most successful coaches in the country and in LSU football history.

You can boo college student athletes if it makes you feel better about yourself, I guess. But it's embarrassing and all the sane people around you think you're an asshole. Because you are an asshole.

You can leave in the middle of a hotly contested SEC football game because you think you deserve an easy blowout victory over Arkansas. You bought the tickets. You drove to the stadium. You had to park in East Bejeezus. But don't give us the lame excuse that it was cold. Cold is 38 degrees in the rain on a windy Friday night watching Boise State with a stadium full of fans that didn't leave. You didn't leave because it was cold. At least most of you didn't. Many, many of you left because you imagine you deserve better than an exciting 33-30 win over a well-coached, talented Arkansas team with a lot of skilled players on offense.


Time to grow up as fans, folks. Every few seasons or so, we're gonna see LSU underperform. Because it's a sport, played by kids and coached by humans. And, conversely, every few seasons or so we're gonna see LSU get very close to getting into the big post-season bowl games. They may even win another crystal football in the next few years.

But - news flash - there are, what, 119 teams in Div 1A? Of those, there are somewhere around 15 teams that have the talent and the program and the coaches to hope to win it all? Only two of them are going to have the kind of season, including lots of LUCK (remember 2007?), to get to the big game.

It ain't gonna be LSU every year.

It just pains me to see LSU's fan base drive itself down the road of irrational entitlement so quickly. The Tigers have had a great decade. It's not over (unless the recruiting violation rumors are true and significant...). There's a lot of talent on the team.

Last season and this season were never going to be championship seasons. The team just didn't have the experienced personnel in the right places.

But, for some people, any loss is a good enough excuse to hate on the coaches. It happened last year. It's happening this year. And if LSU doesn't win the SEC-West, it's gonna happen next year in spades.

Fortunately, Les Miles is classier and more mature than his critics. He took care of Peveto, Mallory and Earl Lane instead of throwing them under the bus. This year, he's going to treat Larry Porter the same way, and I seriously doubt he'll be in the business of laying blame on Gary Crowton (you remember the Wizard, don't you) for an offense with a weak line and an unpolished, still green QB.

Of course, many folks disagree. And that's fine. But it's the same group that calls for Les Miles' scalp that will make fun of Bama fans for talking about Bear Bryant and claiming all those championships. It's the same group that obsesses about USC and the 2003 championship.

NegaTigers. Fans that don't recall the decade that preceded Dinardo's rebound into Saban and Miles' championship teams. Maybe they're too young to remember.

Or, maybe they're just spoiled adults that need to grow up.


  1. Wow. I'm not an LSU but live in Louisiana. You couldn't be more spot on. Props to you for living in reality.

  2. I completely and utterly agree with your post. Some of the clowns around here need to visit the Archer and Hallman days. I was in school during this time and it was miserable. Sitting through all 4 quarters of a 56-3 ass whipping handed to us by Florida is something I'll never forget.

    I am very appreciative for what our last two coaches have done for the program. I am not always happy with what Miles does, but I am, above all, a Tiger Fan that is grounded in reality. We are not a perinnial national championship contender. In my opinion, there is too much parity in college football. there are special teams that will dominate for a short period of time, but it will not last forever. We need to enjoy what we have and, by all means, stay for the entire game.

    I can honestly say that I have NEVER left an LSU game before that last second has ticked off the clock. Your argument of entitlement, I think, holds true here.

  3. BTW Dorsey, I'll join that clap.

    Congrats to your Tide, man. Quite a beatdown, I must say.

  4. It’s kind of like the guys that are always dating someone new. In the beginning the new love interest is always ‘THE ONE’. She’s beautiful, fun, and a Tiger in bed. But three years into the relationship she knocks over the grooms wine glass at a wedding. AND DAMN HOW EMBARRASSING; I can do better than this. So they dump her, usually displaying much less class than the girl. WHATS NEXT, its time to start the cycle all over again, and again, and again. And so it goes over and over until one “Perfect 10” gets ahead of the game and leaves them for a guy in Miami. And truly, it doesn’t matter because they really were never interested in the girl or if she could deliver the goods. They are so hooked on the cycle they no longer can see the point. And the guy in Miami wouldn’t have looked so good if they weren’t such an asshole.
    Les Miles is a good coach. Les Miles is a class act that represents LSU well. Les Miles not only recruits good players he recruits good coaches. Gary Crowton was a great catch. The Chief was a great hire. And I appreciate that Coach Miles turned over his entire defensive staff with class and grace. More importantly, other coaches must also approve. Because Les continues to get good assistant coaches to come here. And one reason they come here is because they know they’ll be treated well. He hires key assistants from reining national champions, and they replace them with someone from – what’s that school name again.
    I was named after Kenny Konz because he returned a punt for a touchdown against Tulane. Dad said ‘It looked like he was running right at me in the end zone”. Dad never missed a home game from the time he was a student after WWII till the late 90’s when he was to weak to get into the stadium. Even then he still tailgated just to be in the atmosphere. Dad always had a front license plate that read “I’m a Tiger Win, Loose, or Draw”. He always supported LSU, in good times or bad. Continual whining does not equal support. Support equals supporting the whole team, including coaches, in good times and bad. Frequently support equals patience. Patience usually pays dividends to those who have the discipline to apply it.

  5. Slow clap here as well! I can understand the fanatical base with all the success we have had recently, but they have not lived the lean years. Stoval et al, even Cholie Mac by god. We will never know what could have been with Bo Rein R.I.P. How many had to wipe the Picayunee/States Item black ink from thier finger tips on Sunday after reading the morning paper and watching the Charlie Mac Show. The Internet is partly to blame along with the great sucess of the past decade not to mention our current culture of wanting it all know, today. Be patient Tiger fans live the day! Tiger for life!


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