Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kneejerk Reaction: About Like I Expected

So LSU is 9-3. Not the best season the Tigers have had. But exactly what I expected.

Tonight's win against Arkansas almost perfectly encapsulated the season. Poor tackling, dumbfounding play calling, mediocre line play on both offense and defense, mediocre QB play, good-great special teams play, 3rd and Chavis, and Coach Miles sounding dumb while interviewed.

I am not in the coach-hater camp. I think Miles is a great recruiter and I think he runs the team well. But this team has too much talent to not challenge Bama for the West next year. So I do think Miles needs to have a 10 win season next year. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

There's an Internet full of negativitity out there. Here are some positive points to ponder.

1. LSU won all the games they should've won except Ole Miss. And they were in that game until the last second - literally.

2. LSU was never out of any game, including losses to the #1 and #2 teams in the country.

3. Stevan Ridley is clearly a valid SEC RB for next season and he is getting valuable experience this season.

4. Josh Jasper is clutch. He's back next season.

5. Jordan Jefferson heads into the post-season an SEC veteran. That is huge. And he will be pushed in the off-season by Lee and also by Chris Garrett.

6. Deangelo Peterson looks to be the next pass-catching tight end a LSU. He looks good.

Nine wins is a good season. It's as good as I expected and, when taken into context of injuries and the SEC parity this season, I think it's a great result.

Next year - different story.

For now, it's a couple weeks off and some focus on the bowl matchup.

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  1. 9-3 is impressive and I know a lot of fans that would kill to have that as a record this season... (One of us may have gone to Texas A&M...)


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