Saturday, October 3, 2009

What I want to see out of the Tigers

1. First and foremost, heart/pride/fight. It's a broken record, but this is THE most crucial ingredient that separates the truly great teams from the also rans. There's no reason that LSU can't show up and win, they are a better team. They just have to want to be great and impose their will on Georgia.


Patrick Peterson all over this poor All Pro Hall of Famer stuck in college AJ Green. Only Peterson stands a chance against this unstoppable force of catching. No matter where Green is, Peterson should be right there opposite him, smothering him and making him look like a poor insulting imitation of the actual best receiver in the SEC, LaFell.

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3. Keep taking care of the ball and force turnovers.

If the Tigers do these three things, I will be happy and a win should be the result. Say what you will about the d line, the o line, Jefferson, the Tigers can win with the same levels of performance there as long as they execute those three maxims.

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