Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bullet Points - Great Win for LSU

  • Offensive line play.  Yes, LSU was sacked 6 times.   But that sits on Jefferson, not the line.  Jefferson had time to throw but held onto the ball too long too many times.  The offensive line also generated some push against the defensive line.  And you gotta give props to a unit that was obviously suffering some illness.
  • The Defense.  LSU's defense will continue to bend but not break.  And although Georgia had a couple of big plays, the defense came through allowing only 13 points to an offense with enough firepower to pile up 52 and 41 points on Arkansas and South Carolina.
  • Patrick Peterson.  Yes, A.J. Green had a good day.  But A.J. Green is a fantastic receiver and Peterson was great keeping him at bay.  Most of Green's big plays came when Peterson was on the other side.
  • Special teams.  The Tiger kicking game was very good.  The punting game pinned Georgia against their goal line twice.  And kickoff coverage continues to be aggressive and good.
  • The team's character - Miles said it himself.  This team won't quit.  I remember saying that about the 2007 team.  I'm not expecting the same result.  And I don't see the same obvious team leaders.  But there's a no-quit feel to this team. 
  • Red Zone?  The score should've been 28-0 at half time.  LSU's Red Zone disease in the first half was kind of unbelievable. 
  • Third Downs.  The Tigers were only 5 of 14 on 3rd downs, but allowed Georgia to convert 7 of 17.  Wouldn't it be nice if those stats were reversed...
  • Jordan Jefferson's timing.  The LSU quarterback is a great athlete, and he has earned praise from coaches and media for being unflappable.  But his timing is still way off.  Lots of passes behind and over receivers.  Jefferson has been hitting receivers after they're obviously open, and not as they're getting open.  Honestly, he's fortunate to not have had more passes picked.  And he has been sacked a lot this year, mostly because he holds onto the ball too long.  As Jefferson fixes his timing, he will become a very good SEC QB.  But he needs to fix it.
  • Excessive celebration penalties?  Stupid.  Absolutely ridiculous.  None of those were excessive.  I think LSU scores anyway, but that last penalty against Georgia was just stupid. 
  • Will LSU develop a pass rush and sack QBs?  Stay tuned.  (If Cox were a better QB, UGA would've easily won this game.  No secondary can cover everyone all the time.)
SUNDAY SOAPBOX tomorrow, and hopefully a podcast on the way.

Geaux Tigers!

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