Saturday, October 10, 2009


What a painful football game to watch.  Florida dominated LSU and the game wasn't anywhere near as close as the score.  Nothing has changed for the Tigers.  So this one is ridiculously easy to analyze.

  • LSU's defense bends but doesn't break.  The Tigers held the Gators to 327 total yards and 13 points. But the Gators only punted once.  And they dominated the time of possession by 13 minutes.  Thats, like, a lot.
  • LSU's weakness on defense continues to be the defensive line.  No sacks. 
  • I'm going to say it.  Jordan Jefferson is not a good QB at this point.  He has a glaring weakness and teams will continue to exploit it - he has horrible downfield vision and timing.  LSU will not beat Alabama and may not beat Auburn, Ole Miss and Arkansas unless Jefferson steps up his game.  Half of his sacks were his fault - he just does not see the receivers getting open and holds the ball too long.
  • The Tiger offensive line continues to be average.  But I'm done complaining about them because, other than the penalties early in the game, they played well considering Florida's defensive line and Jefferson's inability to get rid of the football.
  • If Jefferson can't throw, defenses will continue to stack the box and Charles Scott will continue to have a frustrating senior season.
  • Too many dropped passes.  And Jefferson continues to throw behind and too high.  And WTF with not finding Dickson more often?
  • Still solid. Good kick coverage and kickoffs, and besides Helton's ridiculous shank punt, the punting was good as well.
  1. Florida may not be good enough to beat Alabama.  I think Bama has a better offense and as good a defense.
  2. LSU better find a QB between now and next season if there is any hope of competing for championships next year.  Jordan Jefferson is not that guy right now.  He's still playing high school football.  That ain't gonna cut it.  If he doesn't improve, he may find himself with stiff competition for the starting job next year.  Hell, at this point, he may need some serious competition THIS year.  NOT throwing interceptions and pick-sixes is NOT the measure of a good QB.
  3. LSU's all-star secondary is not getting any help from LSU's hapless pass rush.  Something needs to happen there. 


  1. We really need a classic drop back passer.
    To me.
    It doesn't even look like he has the arm strength to get the ball down field.
    No pocket awareness at all.

  2. LSU's defensive is awesome. Florida didn't drop back often and when they did get pressure Tebow threw an interception or they forced him to run. JJ isn't that bad, the playcalling is terrible. And he should move in the pocket more. This guy is talened, but Miles and Crowton have got to go.


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