Sunday, September 27, 2009

SUNDAY SOAPBOX: An Intervention

We need to talk. 

You have an expectation problem and you need help. 

Ever since LSU blew out Georgia Tech in the Peach Bowl last year, you've been secretly expecting a dominating season this year.  Don't deny it - you thought we'd crush teams with our offense and maybe only lose to Florida. 

Oh, that's not what you've been SAYING to people.  You've been telling your friends that LSU will probably lose three games this year.  But secretly, you've been expecting MUCH more. 

You're destroying your season, dude.  There's a perfectly good football seaon happening right under your nose, a winning football season, a bowl season - and you're destroying it - all because you have an expectation problem.  You need to stop.

You need to face some facts and rehabilitate your expectations.

FACT:  Jordan Jefferson is a true sophomore QB with only, what, 6 starts?  He's not a world-beater yet.  The QBs that led the 2003 and 2007 teams were fifth year seniors.  HUGE difference.  Jefferson is doing fine.  He's working on his timing.  But he's not there yet.  When he gets there, though, he'll be special.

FACT:  LSU's offensive line is still a work in progress.  That's regettable, since we're approaching mid-season, but it's a fact.  And we're seriously missing Brett Helms and Herman Johnson!  But this offensive line is NOT last year's offensive line.  The running game is NOT Charles Scott's fault.  It's not the coaches' fault.  Everyone is waiting for the offensive line to wake up.

FACT:  Without a quality offensive line that can open holes, and without a seasoned QB that can pick apart a secondary, LSU isn't going to dominate anyone consistently.  The offense is going to sputter at times this year. 

FACT:  LSU's defense this year is not going to dominate anyone.  Period.  The defense is going to bend.  Occassionally it will break.  But sometimes, they'll also make big plays because of the amazing athletes LSU has.  So stop expecting a game full of 3 and outs.  Aint gonna happen.  Stop expecting a top 10 ranking in defensive statistics.  Not very likely. 

FINAL FACT:  This LSU football team is going to play up or down to it's competition.  All year.  The team isn't looking for it's peronality anymore.  The team has found it's personality - and that's it.  Cardiac Cats, 2009 version. 

Look.  You and I have a lot in common.  And I enjoy hanging out with you.  But you are ruining your football season and running off your friends with all your unrealistic expectations.  No one wants to be around an angry, unhappy, manic-depressive football fan.

If you need treatment, spend time pondering the LSU football teams under Mike Archer and Curley Hallman.  That's what LSU football used to be like. 

You need to do something, dude.  And quickly.  Because LSU is about to enter the meat of the SEC schedule.  And with your expectations, I'm worried about you.  You may not have any sanity or friends left after the Florida game.

I'm only pointing all this out because I care.


  1. I understand your sentiment as an LSU fan but please be realistic this LSU team is headed for disaster in the SEC conference. This comes from a fan that has painted his office floor and walls purple and gold.

  2. Since I have always felt this season was a 2-3 loss season, all in the SEC, I don't see that as a disaster. Only irrational Bama fans should think that way. The SEC is a tough lineup and this LSU team (specifically this oline) has proven it isn't there yet. The middle is too soft. But three losses in the SEC is not a disaster. We'll see.

  3. Georgia fan here -

    It's crazy how similar LSU and UGA are this year. So many question marks, so many mistakes, inconsistant play, etc.
    I am excited about the game on Saturday, can't wait for the LSU fans to get to Athens, you guys are always fun to tailgate with.

    UGANation blog - Jonathan

  4. Well as rough as things have been at times we have still won up to this point. I'm tried of all the speculation. Good read by the way. Geaux Tigers!

  5. Best summary of this season's situation that I've seen so far.
    It's hard to remember these things, but worth trying to keep in mind, because sometimes it's not about "there's always next year" as a cop-out--sometimes next year really is a year when early investments will come to maturity.

  6. Anonymous, that's an excellent way to say what I've been trying to articulate to friends. Some of the bumps and creases we are ironing out are going to pay off next year.

  7. And I know my mixed metaphors of ironing and investments coming to maturity is really witty, not dopey.


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