Sunday, September 20, 2009

SUNDAY SOAPBOX: Driveby Edition

On the road. My random and haphazard thoughts on last night's 31-3 win over the Ragin Cajuns.

Good stuff
  • A win is a win.  And this one was never in doubt, not even close.
  • Defense looked very good in spots and didn't give up a big play. 
  • Chad Jones - 2 interceptions, 1 pass breakup, 4 tackles - very good night.
  • That win over UW looks pretty sweet considering they beat the Trojans!
  • Lafell and Toliver looked good.  Randle got his first catch.
  • Helton was consistent and had a 44 yard average per punt.
  • Awesome goal line stand!
  • The school formerly known as USL still hasn't scored a TD on LSU in like 85 years. 
Annoying, Fans are Never Happy Stuff
  • Jordan Jefferson still not opening the field with a credible long ball = stack the box.
  • Offensive line is inconsistent to be generous.  Big Herm's/Brett Helms absences are being felt in a huge way.
  • No killer instinct so far in this team.
  • Shepard will not be effective if he runs every single time he gets the ball.
  • Richard Dickson should be getting 3 or 4 more passes per game over the middle to make the LBs honor the pass.
  • There was no flow to this game, and the offense looked downright confused at times. 
It's still early, but it's getting less early.  Mississippi State is the last tune up game of the season.  Georgia's offense is rolling.  Florida is Florida.  I expect LSU will be 5-1 coming out of the Florida game, but to avoid being 4-2, the offense is going to have to get moving.  360 total yards against this Ragin Cajun team does not give me confidence that LSU will be able to run with the SEC big dogs, even if the defense is able to rein in UGA and Tebow a bit.

OVERALL:  Glad of the easy win, but nervous about the next three games.


  1. This is probably the most balanced commentary of the game.

    I was about to pull my hair out while listening to Songy's show on Monday. I think every Chicken Little in the GBR area called in to Songy.

    He must have been on his period yesterday because all he did was whine about the offense and how Crowton and Miles seem to be fighting about the plays during the game. I'm still holding my opinion until after I see them play UGA. I know it'll be the fifth game of the season, but it will be the first real test on which we can truly evaluate this team. If they can go on the road to Athens and pull out a win, I think we will be ok. If we lose and look bad doing it, we will be in for a long season similar to last year.

    This team, to me, is an enigma. I can't get a handle on what they are about. I'm hoping within the next two weeks we will be pounding our chests and giving the ole finger to all of the 'doom and gloomers' out there.

    GEAUX Tigers! I stuck around during the Hallman years, I'll be with them until they put me in the casket and bury me.

  2. You pretty much sum up how I feel.

    Jimmy Ott's show is ok. I can't listen to Songy and all the idiots right now.

    As for the Tigers, you said it. And I too was around during the darkest of dark times with Hallman. This is just plain ole football compared to those trying times.


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