Sunday, September 6, 2009

Early Impressions Around the Internets...

Since the game was so late, there's not a lot worth quoting out there.  Here are a couple of tidbits.

Randy Rosetta, The Advocate:

Sparked by quarterback Jake Locker’s 321-yard passing night and Chris Polk’s 90 yards rushing, Washington dissected the defense for 478 total yards — more than they allowed in any game a year ago.
Wow.  Just, wow.  That's more than Florida and Georgia, who put up over 50 points on LSU and the co-coordinator system.  Thanks for the perspective, Randy.  Ouch.

Bob Condotta, Seattle Times:

The Washington Huskies have come a long way under new coach Steve Sarkisian.

That was evident in the glorious first few minutes of their season opener Saturday night against Louisiana State.

Richard Pittman, ATVS

Jordan Jefferson had a pretty nice night. He started 1 for 6 but after that went 10 for 13 with 3 touchdowns and zero INTs. He was also effective with his legs and had an ATVSQBPI of 10.2 yards per play
 I agree - statistically, Jefferson did fine.  (ATVSQBPI is Pittman's own QB rating formula).  Subjectively, he looked like the young sophomore with minimal experience that he is.  Folks will take solace that he doesn't throw interceptions (because that's the best way to compare him to Lee).  Personally, I want to see Jefferson taking some chances, standing in the pocket longer, and firing to Lafell and Toliver at a more frequent clip.  He should be comfortable doing that by Georgia.

John Berkowitz, UW Dog Pound

The difference in this one was big plays and penalties. The Pac 10 refs did their best SEC imitiation by questionably penalizing the Huskies for 11 penalties for 85 yards in comparison to 3 for 35 for the Tigers. The ofifciating (sic) as usual in the Pac 10 was bad and had a anti UW slant.
Well, from a different perspective, LSU was being held flagrantly all night long, and I don't remember a single holding penalty against UW.  I will agree that the officiating was shoddy.  Biased against UW?  Maybe LSU is just more disciplined at this stage of the season.

Here's a YouTube vid of the last two drives - sorta painful to watch Washington just waltz down the field on the LSU defense in the last 2 mins of the game.

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