Monday, June 22, 2009

We're to Conan the Barbarian the Longhorns

My worst case scenario for this is we barely lose to Texas in 3 games. My best case? We continue our romping style and skull drag Texas in two. How and why?

1. We're better. I'm not the only one thinking and saying this is the most put together and all around excellent Tiger team in a long time. Our offense is top notch. The pitching is very, very, very solid and reliable, to say nothing of adequate depth. And our defense has been stellar.

2. Texas Longhorn fans, despite their tremendous education being from that illustrious school, say some stupid things. For instance, when stacking up Texas and LSU, they talk all day long about how their pitching is better. The best, they say. They won't shut up about it. And then they trot out the great pitching beats great hitting, smirk and smugly expect us to say yessah you Texas boys sho know everything.


Here's why. These same brilliant Texas folk will easily grant you that their conference is crap. Total crap. The Big 12 put 8 teams into the tournament this year, same as the SEC. Texas was the only team to advance to the Super Regional round. Hell, only a couple of other teams made it to the final days of the first round. And I am supposed to be impressed with stats your racked up against this bunch of losers? Give. Me. A. Break.

The SEC meanwhile, had more of a presence as the tournament progressed. We had 8 of 64 teams in the first round, 12.5%. We had 4 teams in the super regional round for 25%. The SEC could claim 2 of the 8 teams in Omaha, 25%. In the final four and finals, the SEC has half of the competitors, 50%. This is the conference LSU has been slapping around all season, in the SEC tourney and in the post season. This is the competition LSU has racked up some of the best offensive and pitching stats.

Texas doesn't have the pitching they used to claim en route to a title (a Huston Street hoss of a ace).

3. Texas, while sometimes finding the hot bats and hitting with power, love to play small ball and manufacture runs. An aside, I really don't like the term small ball. To me, that style of play is pure baseball. When faced with good pitching, that's how your score. College baseball isn't familiar to it since pitching is so diluted at this level, so offenses like ours are fun and commonplace. But Texas is good at playing this traditional style. It puts pressure on the defense and scores runs. But not enough runs. I will give Texas runs like this all day because I think our bats will be punishing their overrated pitching.

So what is best in baseball? Great pitching. Small ball. Gorilla ball. Experience. WRONG! To crush your enemies, see them driven before you and to hear the lamentation of their women. That's what we have in store for the Longhorns.

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