Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Overheard in the Intertubes

"Under NCAA recruiting rules, schools are prohibited from simulating a game experience for recruits during official visits."

"Err... why? Last year Tenn pretty much simulated most football games too."

That gave me a chuckle and an excuse to talk about Tennessee's new coach/mental patient. I'll put it very simply and succinctly, Lane Kiffin is insane. He's crazy. There's no reason a sane, not-dumbass coach would call out, among others, Florida and Urban Meyer.

Firstly, Meyer takes that kind of thing very, very, very, VERY personal. Add to that he's in command of the defending national champs and odds on greatest team in the land next season and you have a creation Skynet would be jealous of in their ability and desire to inflict massive harm on Kiffin and the Vols.

Hey, I don't care, he's not my coach and as friends have wisely pointed out it's fun and gives us something to talk about. It fires up the Vols, closes everyone's ranks and reminds us one and all of the teams we hate and the teams we DESPISE. In short, it's a marker for what we love about our beloved college footabll.

But damn, that was just beyond dumb. The world hasn't come up with an English turn of phrase strong enough for the punishment that the Gators will inflict on them in the Swamp. Not prison rape, not a plethora of vulgar ones I proudly learned from the drill instructor in Full Metal Jacket, nothing. This will be the new standard and it will involve the names Meyer and Kiffin.

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