Saturday, January 24, 2009

Black! Dynamite!

All you suckahs gather round, there's a brand new movie comin to town. So get own up and check the scene, of the smoothest, baddest mother to ever hit the screen.

Er no. I mean, that's black dynamite right there, particularly after he's gotten some Best Stop boudain and maybe some cabbage but no. I'm talking about Black Dynamite!

Alright now. Both of those men are bad ass. Black Moses is the Man and a tremendous fan of the Black and Gold. And that other dude is one of the cooler than ice cool and twice as hard authors of this blog. Both are formidible in their own right. But I'm talking trouble makin', back breakin', breath takin' black dynamite. So if you craze satisfaction, guaranteed to put yo ass in traction!

Okay wait. Rohan Davey was definitely black and definitely dynamite. Shit, he defines those words. But that's not the guy. I'm talkin back black, stacked, attackin mack. Mad track, slapjack, whoof black, flashback, ransackin, jam packin, steel coming back,

black! dynamite!

Get ready... for the blacktion!

Clicky for r rated kung fu treachery. Do you seem where I'm comin from you jive motherfuckahs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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