Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Where we were and where we are

I don't understand why everyone is flipping their lid over Lee and his play. Actually, I do, it's because a good many LSU fans are idiots. Obviously, everyone has heard the refrain by now that Lee is a redshirt freshman and is inexperienced. Thus his sorry, maddening, detrimental level of play. And everyone has probably heard the corollary that Lee has potential and can become a great player given experience and instruction. I believe that, I believed it when the Tigers signed him.

But I want to touch on moment in our past that I don't think we are mindful of. It's when Miles and LSU said goodbye to Ryan Perrilloux, an established and talented starter. I discussed it what it meant in this post I would like to quote.

Ahead, the Tigers head into a rough '08 with Lee and Hatch at qb. ... The schedule is a mother, I didn't expect a great deal from this season, except to compete strongly for the West and to go to Atlanta.

I'm damn proud of my words there, both in accuracy and in the sentiment I expressed. And I stand by those words today. I want to emphasize this again: I would rather struggle and lose with kids I can be proud of representing my alma mater than win with kids who don't. I never have and never will want to sell our integrity just to win.

We all knew what we were getting into when RP was shown the door. I just think it's easy for some fans to espouse the above sentiments about good behaviour and winning/losing than to actually live through it. We've lost the games we figured we would. I'm just hurt over the Bama game which was a solid effort by the Tigers. But I have to take my medicine because Lee lost that game for LSU. So there's the rub. The one position I accept drastically worse or even catastrophic effort at because of extenuating circumstances is the one that cost the game. So, as much as it hurts, I accept it.

Now UGA, I'll make that my piss and moan game.

Kidding aside, this sucks, but that's where we're at.

As I've said before, I take the longview when it comes to LSU, their success and its place in history. I don't mind what looks to be/what should be a 9-3 season and a Cotton Bowl birth. There are schools and fans out there that would kill for that to be a down year, which is what it is for us right now. Hell, win that bowl and it's another unprecedented 10 win season for the Tigahs.

Now, if you really want me to complain or bellyache, let's talk defense, our co-coordinators and our secondary. On second thought, let's not. I'll make that part 2 of this title.


  1. you might be right. but i'd personally be surprised if Lee ever starts another game at QB for LSU after this year.

  2. That's a very real possibly with equally or more talented guys like Jefferson and later Shepard waiting in the wings.

  3. What makes me angry is that a lot of the same people who banged the drum for Les Miles to hurry up and can Perrilloux as a cancer are the same folks who feel free to complain about Lee's performance and the three losses. You reap what you sow.

  4. Tigernacho,

    Yep. It's just a grin and bear type deal now. Losing sucks, but these losses are not unexpected considering how we knew what we were getting into.

  5. I think they'd even rather have Hatch at the helm at this point.


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