Sunday, November 9, 2008

At first blush

I think this is my first Sunday post-game post I have had here.

My Dad told me a great quote at the game last night. He told me Woody Hayes once said,"You know the best thing about freshman? They turn into sophomores". Jarrett Lee isn't a freshman per se, but the analogy stands. He is killing us with mistakes, but these are mistakes you would expect from someone with his experience thrust into the most critical role on the team.

I wish our receivers would make critical catches that hit them in the damn hands.

I wasn't real happy with our defense at the end. Yes, we blocked the field goal. But it was like watching the Saints playing not to lose with a passive, prevent like defense. We still aren't getting pressure or being aggressive by bringing in blitzes.

Of course, I love how Scott runs and that he is the starter. But I love how we substitute and utilize Williams and Murphy. It's effective and fun to watch.

I don't think Saban could've run out of that stadium any faster. He acknowledged the Bama fans at a dead sprint almost. He was NOT sticking around.

Last night's game hurts. Alabama may be undefeated, but they are definitely not the best team in the land. Florida, Texas or Texas Tech (wait what?!?!?!!!) is and should play for it. In fact, Florida should dominate Bama in Atlanta.


  1. Wow. Such sour grapes from someone who is usually level headed.

    Not the best team? Kind of like LSU last year - right? They shouldn't even have been in the title game. I mean they had two losses and scored in the last 90 seconds to avoid three others.

    And don't think Saban was scared of the crowd. He didn't leave any quicker than normal. Its not like he hangs out on the field after games.

    Bama won this weekend without playing their A-game. And they may lose to Florida. Hell they may to state this weekend. But I don't think you should belittle anybody who is undefeated playing an SEC schedule after 10 games.

  2. It's not sour grapes. I am not as impressed with Bama after watching Florida, Texas and Texas Tech. I know that wasn't their A game. But I've seen Bama play one good half of an A game (UGA). The rest of the time, they win granted, but they are underwhelming. To me, that's their level of play. The UGA 1st half is not the standard, it's the outlier. The second half of that game and the rest of the season is the standard. This LSU game was another in a long

    You're dead wrong about Saban. Many times I have seen him stay and acknowledge the crowd on the road. He was our coach if you remember.

    And I'm not belittling Bama. I just said they aren't the best team in the land. Wow, that's really trashing them saying that they are only 2 or 3 or so. And make no mistake, Bama deserves it's shot if they keep rolling. I just don't see them getting by who I think is playing the best football right now in UF.

  3. the only thing saban was scared of was missing the celebration in the locker room. the situation was much more dangerous walking into the stadium a mere 18 inches from the inmates than it was postgame. and if alabama's not careful, they might just underwhelm their way to a bcs championship game appearance. as ld alluded too, i seem to remember a team doing just that about 11 months ago...worked out pretty good for them.

  4. Since we like this topic so much (LSU ly vs. Bama this yr), I'll make a nice big fancy post with numbers and graphs and such. If it's anything like my normal posting habits and promises, it'll be out in March.

  5. No need for graphs and charts. Remember...statistics are for losers. I can sum it all up at this point like this.

    Topic = losses
    Bama = 0
    LSU = 2

    This could change each week. But this is the current state of affairs.

  6. Well, you covered the numbers part. The graphs is for things like injuries, conference champions pounded into dust, luck, Pitt boning WV, stuff like that.

  7. Ohhh....well that sounds cool. Hook it up!


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