Sunday, October 12, 2008



LSU was in the game for about the first 5 minutes of the third quarter. Outside of those 5 minutes, it wasn't even close.

Lee threw two interceptions, one for a touchdown. Percy Harvin and the other Florida speedsters had a veritable field day. McCray got burned again. Charles Scott was held to 35 yards on the ground.

But those things are simply symptoms of the real cause of the one-sided ass-whooping last night. Domination at the line of scrimmage. LSU is supposed to have great talent on both the offensive and defensive lines. Either that was exposed last night as an overstatement, or Florida has more and greater talent. Because LSU's big men were owned. All night.

I just don't have a lot to say about this. The Tigers didn't get outcoached. They were outplayed - at every position for almost every play. I think it was Gary Danielson, in the pregame show, that said the key to the game would be eleven 1-on-1 matchups. Definitely was the case. Florida won the 1-on-1 games. And scorched LSU.

There was another facet to last night's tragedy that bothers me.

Despite getting man-handled the entire game, some of LSU's defensive players were trash-talking and chest thumping after hits late in the second half. When your team is doing the owning, then a certain amount of trash-talk helps keep the momentum going. When your team is getting owned, the trash-talk just looks self-centered and unfocused.

Tough pill to swallow this morning. But it's a long season and there are seven more games in a row. South Carolina on the road is next.


  1. jeff i actually appreciate this write up. your boys over at atvs seem to think this game that "would have been different if one or two plays had gone differently." which is a) true of pretty much every loss, and b) i think it was a bit more than one or two plays.

  2. i think the title says it all, "PWN3d", LSU was overrated this year, no solid QB...

  3. Sorry King, QB is not our problem. Defense is.

  4. Gerry - one or two plays would've eased the embarrasment a bit and maybe given the defense a spark.

    But Florida was playing on another level.

    LSU picked a bad night to have poor line play.

    AP - I agree. Lee is good enough. The defense did not show up.

  5. Urban had a great scheme too. his lineman had huge splits which spread things out for those jackrabbits he turned loose.


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