Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Three days till

When Joe McKnight said he would sign with Southern Cal, I didn't care one iota. I was ecstatic that Chad Jones had decided to play for LSU. He filled a big need and more than that, I thought then and still think this guy will be a star. Of course, we won't let another opportunity to go by without showing another highlight at Bama's expense.

damn that's a spicy hit, and a clothesline at that. and of course...


  1. excellent point. i mean why the hell would you want to have chad jones AND joe mcknight??

  2. *sigh*

    The point is, everyone at the time was all worried about Joe McKnight and what he was doing. LSU was and is loaded with guys who're comparable in talent. At the time, LSU definitely needed Jones at safety. Getting Jones was huge, missing out on McKnight mean jack.

    Gerry, one day you will understand that Louisiana produces more talent per capita than any state. So if one running back wants to leave, it's no big deal. The Tigers will find someone else. I can understand your consternation, seeing as Bama has to scrap for every recruit.

  3. Oh, and I know you have people. But you gotta come by the tailgate on Nov. 8th. Should be roasting a pig and/or frying a turkey and pork loin and twinkies.

  4. a) i've said on many occasions that i fear chad jones. we can agree on him fo sho.

    b) despite hating lsu, i take great pride in the state of louisiana in all areas, indcluding the insane amount of athletic talent they produce per capita. please see gerry's post from this spring supporting such. i just don't want them to go to lsu.

    c) bama hasn't really been scrapping for recruits since a certain solid recruiter came to town. auburn and tennessee have put up very little fight in the last 18 months or so. knowledgeable tennessee and auburn fans will even agree with that.

    d) i will no doubt swing by the tailgate.

  5. My apologies, I forgot you had posted that and was glad to see you did.

    An old boss of mine thinks if/when Bama beats AU, especially/moreso this year, then it's over for Tubby. Meaning, the pendulum starts to swing back towards Tuscaloosa.

  6. Glad to hear you'll be coming by. Plans are already underway to swipe your hat leaving you only with an LSU visor or something. And, lots of stickers to be slapped on when you are unaware. Since that's how you always get down in BR.

  7. i believe the pendulum has already STARTED to swing bama's way, but until it shows on the field its all for not.

    actually the profane sticker prank was pulled in tuscaloosa...though i was surrounded by lsu fans.

  8. i don't care how much talent you have at RB, McKnight would make you better.

  9. Don't matter. It's diminishing returns at that point.

    Having Chad Jones makes LSU more betterest. Proper grammar doesn't do his talent justice.


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